Used Pickups Texas

A car is a car, but a pickup, well, that’s a tool!

In Texas, trucks are a way of life, like horses in the days of cattle drives, the pickup truck has made it’s way into the hearts, souls, minds and lore of the Lone Star State. Even the bumper stickers give testimony with popular sayings like:

“Mess with my house, mess with my wife, but you mess with my truck, you mess with your life!”


“I got a truck for my wife…best trade I ever made!”

I have never met a bad pickup truck. No matter how old and worn they get, they still serve a purpose. Trucks are like tools, and old pickup trucks in Texas just get refurbished and brought back to life for a new generation of Texans. Most men of my age in Texas got there first driving lesson in a beat up old truck in a field or pasture, and for many of us, the first vehicle we owned when we passed our drivers test was a used pickup.

My first was a 1959 Ford fleet side with a rebuilt engine, reupholstered overstuffed bench seat, and a brushed on paint job. It was 1 year younger than me! I was a little embarrassed the first day I drove it into the school parking lot, but the embarrassment disappeared when I got out of class, and found it loaded with cheerleaders wanting to ride in it to the local Dairy Queen!

It seems the older and more worn, the higher the level of fascination. They get more comfortable over time like a couple of other old Texas standby’s, well worn boots and faded jeans.

We want to offer some information for Texas used pickup owners, and for potential used pickup owners in Texas, like how to take care of them, and where to find them, and even some stories about them.

Feel free to join us, and participate by sharing your pickup story.

East Texas Dealers

We wanted to focus on dealers in different sections of the state of Texas, so we begin with East Texas used pickup dealers. There are quite a few “buy here, pay here” dealers in the area, and we will add those as well, Most New car dealers get a lot of trade ins, and this can be a goldmine for used pickup buyers. As I found recently while searching for a used small pickup truck in East Texas.

This is not a complete list, not by a long shot, and we will be adding to this page as we have opportunity to review each dealer. This is a list of the short dealer reviews we have so far:

East Texas Used Pickup Dealers

Stay tuned for more…